Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Anaheim Angel Opinions, Info & Blather

Welcome to the Halo Herald, a new blog from a long-time Anaheim Angel fan. While not completely obsessed, I definitely love this team and have lived through the good times, the bad times, the worse times and finally the great times. My goal with this little blog is simply to throw out some ideas, opinions and news and see what other Halo fans think. I have been called an optimist when it comes to the Angels and I can not deny this. My thinking with this baseball team usually comes from a positive place but I am not above ripping the players, manager, GM, owner or beer guy when needed. To help provide some balance I do have some other baseball-loving fans who will post here. Iron Mike should be the most frequent observer/opiner and he will likely present a less rosy picture than I. LA Larry, Dodger-die-hard extrordinaire, will no doubt give his dubious 2 cents on why the NL team to the north will repeat as division champion. Of course, with the nightmare that is the Dodgers this off-season it should be good for a chuckle.

So, in short, welcome and let's get this blog started.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm ams so excited to find a site soley for us Angels fans out there. It think the Angles will win it all in 2005 (jk). I actually think they're due for a letdown. p.s. this is Iron Mike in case you're curious, Rich.

3:48 PM  
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