Monday, January 10, 2005

Diamondbacks New Host of "G-Force" Curse

Last season the Angels, in a dark alliance with Fox Sports West & Channel 9, tried desperately to compel Halo fans into accepting "G-Force" as the hip new catch-phrase in the Angel lexicon. But despite the forced enthusiasm from Steve Physioc (and rolled-eyed apathy from Rex Hudler) the titular nom de blume for the heart of the Angels batting order crumbled early as three of the four "G-Forcers" were felled by bizarre circumstances. The first "G-Man" to go down was Garrett Anderson who signed a $40 million extension, largely on the reputation of being an iron man who never missed time on the DL and then promptly came down with arthritis in his chest. When was the last time a top-flight athlete in his prime came down with arthritis? In his chest? Then Troy Glaus, the second G-Man, tore the labrum in his shoulder and despite continuing to hit well while injured, elected to have surgury that wiped out the better part of three fourths of his season. This was done ostensibly so Glaus would be available to the Angels in the post-season but likely had more to do with being healed in time to woo another team into giving him the big bucks. As it turned out, Glaus is no dummy. The third member of the G-Force almost made it the entire season. But Jose Guillen went down in flames in a late season run-in with Mike Scioscia that resulted in his suspension for the remainder of the regular season and the post-season. In hindsight it appears that Guillen may have been a silent cancer in the clubhouse all year that only festered and became visible to the public in September. That left just one member of the G-Force to escape the season unscathed, Vladimir Guererro. Not only was Guerrero unscathed, he was the American League MVP.

So what does the "new" three man G-Force of Troy Glaus, Luis Gonzalez & Shawn Green have to look forward to in 2005? If the Angels 2004 is any indication 2 of the 3 will have forgettable seasons and whoever survives will be the NL MVP. Luis Gonzalez seems the most likely D-Back to get injured early followed by Troy Glaus and his gimpy shoulder. The final G-Force member will be Shaun Green who, like Vlad Guerrerro, seemed to be the most fragile coming off an injury the season before but miraculously emerge as the league MVP come November.

But, as Dennis Miller would say, that's just my opinion, I could be wrong.


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