Monday, January 03, 2005

Giant Egos Ravaging Northeast

With the Johnson/Vasquez trade dominating all baseball headlines it has made for some interesting reading. Reading the quote from the blow-hards in New York and Boston, you would think that this trade affects only their two teams --- and the Red Sox are not even involved. Yet a headline on was entitled Red Sox React to Unit Trade where it quickly becomes apparent to the reader that the World Series title will go to either the Yankees or BoSox. Most of us have known for years that sports writers, and baseball writers in particular, have a massive east-coast bias. Everything is reported through the prism of how it affects, in order, The Yankees, Red Sox or Mets. Then comes everyone else with the Angels generally referred to as "that aberration from 2002".

Now don't get me wrong I sort of enjoy this pomposity and thanks to the internet we can get our team news ourselves, not having to wait for Peter Gammons to hopefully mention the Angels in a blurb somewhere. Take for instance the quote from Curt Schilling where he tries to actually paint the Red Sox as "the underdogs" in 2005. The second highest payroll in baseball and they are "underdogs". Curt, buddy, c'mon. Maybe the Sox are at a slight "disadvantage" in that their payroll is only $50 million or so over the Major League average instead of $140 million dollar gulf between the Yankees and the "average" team. No Curt, a team with a $125 million plus payroll is not an underdog for that look to the east in Milwaukee and their $27 million dollar payroll. Now that is a massive underdog.


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