Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Guerrero New Video Game Coverboy

Things appear to be going according to plan for Vladimir Guerrero. At least, his financial planner's plan. Item 1: Go to a big market team. Item 2: Win League MVP Award. Item 3: Let that endorsement jack start rolling in.

Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc. announced yesterday that they have signed Vladimir Guerrero to grace the cover of their MLB 2006 videogame due to hit stores in spring 2005. Unfortunately it will be exclusively for the Playstation. I don't know if my wife will let me buy a third video game system but it's worth a shot...


Blogger Richard said...

I wouldn't - 989's baseball games (and every other game they make, for that matter) have always been awful. Stick with MVP Baseball.

2:33 PM  
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