Sunday, January 30, 2005

Weaver Ready to Exchange 49er Brown & Gold for Angel Red?

Richard over at the Pearly Gates has a post that will point you to someone else who has some unnamed sources that Jared Weaver is about to officially join the Halos. 'Bout freaking time. As a Long Beach State alumni I am fairly stoked about this potential signing for both the Angels and my illustrious alma mater. Especially since the proverbial bloom is off the rose of our previous top major league alumni. The bizarre tale of Long Beach State athletics is fodder for another post (hell, probably enough for another blog). But suffice it to say that in the strange world of CSULB, Weaver not signing at all and returning to school would not have surprised me all that much. I will look forward to reading when this story becomes fact. By the way, The Dirtbags crushed Arizona State today to take two of three. Damn, wish I was there to see it.

Likely Weaver will not be seen anywhere near Anaheim until 2006 at the earliest. But many Angel fans will no doubt hope for a Prioresque rise to the majors this season. Along with that possibility is the potential for damaging a young arm unaccustomed to the workload of a major league season. Just ask Cub fans if they wish Dusty Baker had given the Prior kid a few less starts instead of seeing him pitch until his arm almost fell off in 2003 leading to an injury plagued '04. Of course some of the blame for that has to fall squarely on Prior's agent and El Diablo incarnate himself, Scott Boras. The deal that he bargained for no doubt made Baker, and the Cubs, feel like they needed immediate production from the youngster to justify his huge salary. But let's be clear, Mike Scioscia is no Dusty Baker (thank God) and protects his pitchers as much as any manager in baseball. Not to mention the fact that while Weaver will earn millions, it should not be anywhere close to Prior's $10.5 million for five seasons. The Angels have their starting five in place now and will, if needed, add another pitcher via trade or utilize arms already in-house (Scot Shields, Ervin Santana, etc) for spot starts before turning to Weaver.

In any case, the depth that Jared Weaver brings to the Angels minor league system and the hope for Halo pitching in 2006 & beyond should be enough to keep Angel fans contented until he is ready.

But it does lead one to think about who the odd man out would be should Weaver springboard through the minors and be able to make an impact with the Halos in '05.


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