Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Anaheim "Doubling Efforts" to Block Halo Name Change

The LA Times reported tonight that the Anaheim City Council not only refuses to drop their lawsuit against the Angels but have hired a second prominant attorney, Andrew Guilford, to act as co-counsel to lead attorney Mike Rubin. According to the Times, Mayor Curt Pringle called this an "intermediate step in what may be a lengthy legal battle." Pringle went on to say "We regret that Arte Moreno and the Anaheim Angels' management have forced us to pursue this lawsuit and continue to implore him to reconsider this misguided marketing effort." Of course Pringle is referring to the Angels changing the geographic designation from 'Anaheim Angels' to 'Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim'. What is misguided is that the Anaheim City Council is forcing them to paste "of Anaheim" to the back of the team name in order to satisfy a terrible agreement former Angel owner Disney made with the city. As has been mentioned by others, the logical solution is to re-name Angel Stadium "Anaheim Stadium" and drop the "of Anaheim" tag line.

I'm sure Arte Moreno and the rest of the Angel management team are shaking in their collective wingtips over this one. In what can only be described as a transparent bid to frighten the Angels into thinking the City Council has the cojones for a drawn-out legal battle, Pringle once again shows that he is overmatched. The longer this drags on in court the more it will help the Angels by keeping their name in the news (even a misguided marketing plan benefits from free PR) and the more it will hurt the City Council who will be perceived by many as wasting valuable city resources. In addition to going ahead with their seemingly doomed lawsuit, the City Council is going to appeal Superior Court Judge Peter Polos' decisoin to turn down the Council’s request for an injunction against the Angels name change. This despite Pringle and the Anaheim City Council recognizing "that most pretrial appeals are not successful, but the Anaheim City Council feels that this decision merits further review". What the hell Curt, not like it's your money you’re wasting.


Blogger Josh said...

I don;t see how the City Council "is forcing them to paste 'of Anaheim' to the back of the name." It was Arte who decided to change the name in the first place, he is forced by a contract to keep Anaheim in the name. Arte could have used a lot more tact with the council. Heck, he could have offered to buy them out of the lease contract if he wanted to change it so bad. I don't think Anaheim is trying to hurt the Angels as a team (as a matter of fact, if they get the name change cancelled, they may enjoy the extra publicity).
Finally, yes, they are using taxpayer funds for this, but they already used $30 million in taxpayer money to help refurbish the stadium and part of that deal was to keep Anaheim in the team name. Would you sue someone if they broke a contract you both signed? Probably. The question is whether or not they should use public funds for this...maybe not, but keep in mind that they may feel that they will lose more revenue if the name change sticks. If people, such as the media, start referring to the Angels as the LA Angels (which is Arte's obvious intent) then it is pretty obvious that is a breach of the spirit of the contract, which could easily make the Anaheim lawsuit successful. Part of the lawsuit could even be to gain legal fees back. Also, they could ask for donations (actually, they should) although I don't know if they have.

10:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've written this on several other forums, and I apologize if I've already said this here, but I don't think I have.

The ONE guy at the city of Anaheim that I really feel sorry for is the poor dope whose job it is to convince the National Football League to place its--ahem--Los Angeles team in Anaheim, while down the corridor his colleagues are suing their baseball tenant over the same issue.

I know officially the NFL spokesmen have said this won't affect the decision-making process, but I for one don't believe it for one minute. The only thing these sorry pinheads in Anaheim are going to accomplish, other than wasting millions of taxpayer dollars, is chasing the NFL away to Carson or elsewhere.

7:28 PM  
Blogger Uncle Al said...

Somehow my above comment got posted as as "Anonymous." I've posted here as Uncle Al. Someday I'll figure out the ins and outs of each forum - - -

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