Sunday, February 13, 2005

Healthy Anderson Could be Angels Best Acquisition

According to the LA Times, Angels left-fielder Garrett Anderson feels "Great" and all symptoms of the inflammatory arthritis in his upper back have vanished. Taking it a step further, first baseman Darin Erstad channeled Allison Dubois as he proclaimed that after shaking Anderson's hand he "could feel his strength. I could tell he's not in pain." A little while later Erstad advised Manager Mike Scioscia that his childhood dog "Spoons" was living peacefully in the afterlife.

Of all the changes that the Angels made and/or endured this off-season, the biggest addition could be the return of Anderson's power. Last season GA managed, amazingly, to maintain his career batting average by hitting .301. Unfortunately, he turned into Ichiro to do it as Anderson's slugging percentage cratered to .446 after a career high SLG in 2003 of .541. In addition, Anderson hit an abysmal .154 in the Division Series against Boston with just two singles in thirteen at bats. Of course, with the noted exceptions of Erstad, Eckstein and Glaus, none of the Angels were able to hit last October.

The new Halos Outfield of Anderson, Finley & Guerrero should easily outpace last season's if Guerrero can maintain his MVP numbers and Anderson returns to his '03 form. Steve Finley's 2004 numbers of a .271 average with 36 HR and 94 RBI are a decent exchange for Jose Guillen's .294/27/104 except that he is a positive clubhouse presence who will likely not try to subjugate power from Scioscia. In any case, the "nice-guy" contingent patrolling the outfield lawn at Angel Stadium has the potential to be one of the most potent in all of baseball.


Blogger Richard said...

Steve Finley's .271/.333/.490 line is not a "decent exchange" for Jose Guillen's .294/.352/.497, especially when you consider that Finley is 11 years older and comes at almost three times the cost.

6:32 PM  
Blogger Rich said...

Let me qualify, he is a decent exchange this season. Actually, I if you take into account Guillen was hated by teammates and his Manager, would he be worth the hassle and headaches he brought to the table? Further, if you take into account that Finley is the polar opposite, loved by his teammates and manager, then clearly Finley is the guy you want on your team. If you are playing fantasy baseball then Gullen is your man. If you are playing on a real team where personalities and chemistry can make or break a season, you want Finley.

6:58 PM  
Blogger Rob said...

Richard -- I guess we'll have to agree to disagree here. Fins still has it with the glove, despite what BP might think (his numbers in Dodger Stadium were terriffic), and the offensive dropoff is still better than what we could have expected from Erstad had he been plopped in center.

9:37 AM  
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