Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Hitting the Links

It appears I have been remiss in keeping my links up-to-date so I have added the Acerbic Alchemist and Purgatory Online to my links list. As a relative newbie to the blogosphere I am not certain what the protocol is for linking or getting linked to other blogs. For the first couple of links I simply asked the sites I read to link me up and they were kind and accommodating. I happily reciprocated and my tiny blog was off and running. Now a few months later I find (gratefully) I am being linked to some other blogs so I want to make sure I return the favor. After all, it is the sum of the parts that makes a blogged subject compelling.

The Alchemist has been one of the few (and quite welcome) commentators here at the Herald and for that I thank him and the others that take the time to post a thought. If you haven't already, take a moment and peruse his site which touches on a great deal more than baseball. I like to stop by for the Futurama quotes which serve to reinforce the fact that it was the most unjustly cancelled show in history.

Purgatory Online is a more traditional Angel-focused-blog with good analysis and interesting asides. Keep it in your loop (though they should consider adding more Futurama quotes).


Blogger Rob said...

Dunno about anybody else, but my protocol is -- link to what you like. Don't pester others for links back. If you do good work and/or show staying power, people will notice.

2:11 PM  
Blogger Josh said...

Thanks for the link...I'll have more quotes up when I actually have some time to focus on the site.

7:46 PM  
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