Saturday, February 12, 2005

Imminent is a Relative Term

Richard over at Pearly Gates points to an LA Times article about the ongoing saga that is the signing of pitcher Jared Weaver. Awhile back a lot of people (myself included) were getting whipped-up by reports that a Weaver signing was "imminent". Well, here we are weeks later and no signing. But given that this is a Scott Boras deal we should not be surprised.

According to the article Weaver is seeking a deal somewhere around $10 million. It is not clear how long that deal would be. Boras qualifies the number by stating that Weaver is "major league ready." For that kind of jack he damn sure better be. The next post down on Pearly Gates links to a ranking of AL pitching staffs that places the Halos at #5. I wonder if they move higher with Weaver in and, presumably, Washburn out. One thing is certain, left-handed long-ballers will be just slightly less happy to see the Angels on their schedule.


Blogger Rob said...

Weaver is a good deal at that price if he actually can perform at a major league level. He's a $10M crapshoot. But the Angels have shown themselves willing to take on the risk of Kendry Morales for that price tag, so we'll see.

9:39 AM  
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