Monday, February 14, 2005

Less Molina to Love

The LA Times reports that catcher Bengie Molina has lost 22 pounds during the off-season and will report to training camp tomorrow in "excellent" shape. Clearly "excellent" is a relative term in the Times reporting.

Last season Molina became the butt of many baseball jokes as he lumbered the base-paths like a crippled water buffalo. Molina gave new meaning to "routine groundball to short" as AL shortstops usually had time to carefully field the ball, take several steps towards first base, check their watch, tell the pitcher about the latest tax shelter they had found and still throw Molina out by four or five steps. But after dropping twenty-two pounds (or roughly the equivalent of a large house cat) the elder Molina figures to be a speed demon in 2005 compared to his '04 self. Last season Bengie battled a variety of maladies including hamstring injuries, a broken finger and an affinity for all things Hostess. But under a diet and exercise regime he created for himself, Molina has crafted a new body for himself that Manager Mike Scioscia hopes will lead to him catching at least 120 games this season. The '05 Molina (Sport Edition) will debut in Tempe tomorrow as catchers and pitchers report to Tempe Diablo Stadium for the first day of Spring Training.


Blogger Rob said...

My favorite description of B. Molina's locomotion is David Peng's: "[he] runs like a man being chased by horny supermodels".

9:35 AM  
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