Friday, February 25, 2005

Stark: Angels 3rd Best Line-Up in AL

ESPN's Jayson Stark has come out with his rankings of the toughest American League line-ups based on responses from "four pitchers, three scouts and nine GMs or assistants" to the question "Which team has the best line-up in baseball?" The unnamed group of analysts slot the Halos at number three behind (surprise, shock, awe) the Red Sox and Yankees respectively.

Best quote: "One thing about this offense: It hasn't read "Moneyball." No team in the big leagues struck out less last year than the Angels -- but these guys also walked 200 fewer times than the Yankees or Red Sox."

Maybe Halo hitters will be a bit more patient at the plate in '05?

The Rangers and (surprise) the Indians came in at #4 and #5 on the list.


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