Monday, February 21, 2005

Time For Players to Rethink Going Home

With all the trouble Latin players seem to be having, from politics to Ugueth Urbina's Mom getting kidnapped to Richard Hidalgo getting shot, I have to wonder why these guys keep going home. I'm sure Mama's home cookin' is fabulous but is living the life of a multi-millionaire in Newport Beach so tough that they have to run home to a third world country every off-season? Yeah, I know about keeping it real and giving something back -- yada, yada, yada. Vladimir Guerrero has a thriving grocery business to attend to, etc. I’m sure his store in the Dominican is really driving his portfolio these days. C’mon, build a few ballparks, schools, hospitals, whatever and then relocate. I also realize these players have tremendous egos that are continually stroked by fans who consider them gods in their home country. But they need to remember where their bread is buttered. They owe it to the fans that pay the money to see them play to stay healthy and safe (at least until you fulfill your contract). It's not like were asking them to live in Compton on $15 a day. They can afford some pretty nice digs and most can afford to bring the whole fam damily too.

According to the Pioneer Press, when Johann Santana met with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez in celebration of his Cy Young award, the President sent five armed guards with him to protect Santana and his family indefinitely. Sounds like a cheery place visit. Phillies star Bobby Abreu hired bodyguards to protect him while he played for the Caracas Leones winter league team. Are these baseball players or rap stars (or NBA players for that matter)?

Major league GM's need to start writing contracts whereby if they commit upwards of $5 million a season or more to a player than that player agrees to reside in the United States 95% of the year for the duration of the contract. I do not want to impugn anyone's personal freedoms but once you sign a contract you give-up a certain portion of those freedoms. Want to roam wild & free? Fine, sign a one-year deal. At the very least make these players report to Spring Training around the first of February to allow for political delays and unscheduled abductions.


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South Central is scarier, more dangerous, except you don't need a visa.

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