Monday, February 07, 2005

Western Candle Stress.....and other Korean musings

Both Pearly Gates and Chronicles of the Lads have links to some flat-out bizarre Korean cartoons featuring major league teams. Check them out if you have a few minutes and need a grin. This one for the Angels features Vlad Guererro howling at the moon, a passed-out "Batolo" Colon who seems to be in a food-induced coma, layed out on the mound with his belly exposed while Scioscia fumes, a psychotic looking Chone Figgins about to charge Scioscia, Frankie Rodriguez whose nickname in Korean seems to have been changed to "F-Rod" is happily irritating a Phillies player cryptically referred to as "Felix", a fired-up Rob Quinlan looking ready to go postal on Ichiro and finally Jose Guillen with face redder than his cap apparently about to club some unsuspecting Angel player in the noggin with his bat. Kind of makes me nostalgic for those "Tank McNamara" comics in the sports page.

My wife took it a step further and visited the web-site which is apparently run by some serious Korean baseball nuts. Since neither of us know much Korean (yeah, we wasted our time learning English) Pauline utilized the power of Bable Fish to translate the page for us. In short I found their analysis to be at least as competent and well written as the LA Times Opinion section. Though only from the unique Korean perspective did I read about Seattle (I think) who "will not pass by the new man draft specially" and furthermore "will come out from a game to the black pearl and ' possesses the special grade pitcher of the future the good fortune which it kept". Uhhhh. Yeah.......So they got that going for them. Which is nice. Then there is also the mysterious passage which, seemingly, has to do with Dallas Macpherson in which the sages of the orient write "Dallas pulses it ladles". So true.

While I doubt this is anything close to an exact translation, the Halo Herald proudly presents a few passages on the Angels, and we believe other western US teams from the Korean perspective at that is loosely translated as "Western Candle Stress" (congrats to Casey Kotchman for being their coverboy):

2005 new man up-and-coming player ' western candle stress '

' The western future dawns.'

Zone hour which analyzes the up-and-coming player who will appear newly in 2005 season major leagues kheyl su 2005 tower 10 pro su pheyk thu the answer is coming out.

Poem kheyl su to the column which contributes to the ESPN 2005 season the hitter whom it will pay attention and the pitcher up-and-coming player are each selected 10 people. From here one branch the portion which it will pay attention the majority of the up-and-coming players who are discussed the point which is a team which to his western endurance puts out and with the American league widely is belonged. That there is possession where the future war potential of the western endurance teams will improve that much there is a possibility of seeing.

The hitter 10 hit western endurance assigned bow accomplishes to 7 people as many as. Short good El Goo Seu Man (LA Dodgers), 3 lwu possibilities inside su thyu U thu (height su), the gun possibility unit lik it sprouts in Colorado and (the Oakland child sul ley thik su), 1 lwu possibility khey it is and car it is distant,, 3 lwu possibility Dallas pulses it ladles, sun (the paragraph which is above Anahaim su), outfielder Carlos end thin (Arizona diamond hundred su), outfielder me ley American leading (Seattle every li you su) all.

The hitter up-and-coming player who builds the middle east where the up-and-coming player hitters are dense and the pride of the central part will be burnt the outfielder and the zero which drives (Taem green onion hemp cloth will count and the place pul the lace) with ' sul le well! transmission from father to son ' it will bloom and compared to it will be a son and phu lin su it will bloom and (1 lwu possibility Milwaukee pu lwu the earth) with 3 lwu possibility Aen D E motes (Atlanta pu ley pu su) it is the whole.

The case of the E mote is near specially in the old up-and-coming player. The E mote America keyl the car pu ley (5 place Florida stops from the hitter up-and-coming player tower 10 ranking which it selects from 2002 seasons MILB which pass and su) precedes and there is an enemy who to 4 place rises. If more the mark which rises to these time 1,2 place theyk counts with hank pul ley this Rag (above Texas ley the writing which is su) pik enters, searched the proper place considers a point already in the league, does not have to be the side where the growth rate is quick.

If the if E mote it excepts, is not the western endurance and different endurance pro su pheyk in 2 people middle-school 10 people which sprout only level. There is a possibility analysis of haning down certainly in western globe candle stress.

The pitcher up-and-coming player section compares in the hitter and the side where the degree is serious is not but, the western globe stress is joined together as ever. 6 people western endurance assigned bows in pitcher up-and-coming player 10 people. It corresponds to 33% 2 boats which are an arithmetic average it is a high ratio.

The bow which is selected in pitcher up-and-coming player 1 place right of Venezuela native wan the traditional green onion pheyl lik su lu the difficulty place su (Seattle every li you su). lu The difficulty place su with the head me phu phu the poem which is su (height su) - not yet tu the Bill ring sul li (4 place LA Dodgers) - Daen it gets clogged in 3 place Colorado and (7 place) - emptiness su it shakes off and su tree thu (the Oakland children above 8 place sul ley thik su) - the mat khey it is and (10 place San Francisco sleeping slangs chu) admits the pitcher up-and-coming player of western endurance affiliation.

The child tem it pushes (2 place it will grow with the pitcher up-and-coming player where the western endurance affiliation is not li pul the land Indian su) - su khas khay cu me (5 place Taem green onion hemp cloths the place pul the lace) - the presentation crane (6 place Minnesota thu Win su) are the whole. Like hitter section the western globe is not stressed but the zero cases of future sell from are enough as ever in western endurance fact. The western future is the reason which dawns.

In the pitcher up-and-coming player with the bow which it will pay attention ' 10 it is horrible tyu lu the difficulty place su with it pushes there is a possibility of counting to five '. Two multi rights wan best su it sprouts with the traditional green onion and phu 10 pitchers keep in the same time when it possesses and it is an up-and-coming player where also the control has both.

Two bows all the K/9 (per condition to a case 10.84 specially the strike-out which will burn) the upper sliced raw fish it does this 9 and lu the difficulty place su it reaches. The other side W/9 (per condition also the ball four) shame 2~3 possesses the control which degree is stabilized fact. Overwhelming power su it sprouts certainly and phu with simultaneously it had both a control as the horrible 10 up-and-coming players there is a possibility of seeing.

It will not pass by the new man draft specially and not to be it will pick up it will raise and from Venezuela and ' lu the difficulty place su Seattle which it possesses nin theyn will come out from a game to the black pearl and ' possesses the special grade pitcher of the future the good fortune which it kept. The other side it pushes from 2003 new man drafts it will grow at 1 ranking and li pul it became distinction in the land.


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