Monday, March 21, 2005

Angels Off Today...Except for Colon

The Halos get their only off-day of Spring Training today but will resume play tomorrow at Tempe Diable against the Diamondbacks. I will be there and report back on how the club looks and how Arizona third baseman Troy Glaus looks as well.

Pitcher Bartolo Colon, who had to be removed from his last start due to "back spasms" presumably brought on by a long bus ride to Tucson, will start a minor league game today at the Brewer's Maryvale park according to the LA Times.
"He'll probably be able to get to 70-75 pitches, which will put him in line for where he'll need to be," Scioscia said. "He's got three more starts, so he shouldn't have any problem in getting to the 90-100 pitch range that he's going to need."

More Scioscia on Colon's "conditioning":
"Bartolo's regimen is very, very rigorous, from not only preparing himself on a daily basis through Spring Training, but during the season," Scioscia said. "He's getting work every day. They've added some treatment for his back, but he's fine. There's nothing that's showing up right now that's any indication that this is anything other than a little spring stiffness, and he'll work through it tomorrow."

I thought the only "rigorous preparing" Colon was doing were his meals. Ba, dump, bump!


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