Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Baseball Season Starts Tomorrow for Me

Tomorrow, March 3, 2005, is one of the best days of the year for me. I have two tickets behind home place to watch the Angels Cactus League opener against the Giants at Tempe Diablo Stadium and in slighly more than 27 hours I should be sitting in the sunshine with my wife, cold beer in hand watching baseball. Life is good. John Lackey will get the start but no doubt a lot of the younger players will see significant time as well.

What I hope to see before and during the game tomorrow:

1. 40 healthy players (before, during & after). Well, maybe 39 per #3 below.
2. Lackey demonstrating control starting strong so that maybe, just maybe, he could start to pitch well before July for a change.
3. Morales? Morales? Morales? Bueller? Bueller? Anyone?
4. Jarrod Washburn not being an arrogrant butthead to fans (especially kids) waiting for him to scribble his name on a ball.
5. Brendan Donnelly NOT shagging fly balls.
6. Winter snow-birds not piling up the 60/I-10 interchange making Tempe look eerily similar to the I-5/22 interchange.
7. Some decent Halo swag in the gift shop.
8. Some inspired pitching from the youngsters (Hensley, Dunn) looking to take the last spot in the bullpen.
9. Barry Bonds having a hissy-fit when people keep asking him about the 'roids.
10. Arte Moreno discounting beer prices in Tempe too.


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