Friday, March 11, 2005

City of Anaheim Fumblin', Bumblin', Stumblin'

The LA Times reported that the Angels have countered the city of Anaheim's request for a speedy court date, citing the fact that the city waited five weeks to file the appeal. That five week delay belies Anaheim's contention that they should, as the Times puts it, "jump to the head of the appeals line because its case is so urgent." Yes, I'm certain the courts have nothing better to do than try and save face for some suckered politicians. But since Congress is busying themselves with steroids in baseball I suppose it follows that the appellate courts have little better to do than decide the name of a baseball team.

The Angels, who have remained publicly mum for the most part during this process, finally took a shot back at the city:
The city contends it wouldn't have paid $20 million for stadium renovations without an understanding the Anaheim name would be featured prominently.

The Angels counter that the city did not pay to name the team but did get "quite a bargain" for its contribution — Disney paid the other $98 million in renovations and signed a 20-year lease to keep the Angels in "the city's own aging stadium" one year after it had been abandoned by the NFL's Rams.

First off, when did professional teams start accepting naming rights for the teams themselves? What's next, the Nintendo Mariners of Seattle? How about the Mutual of Omaha Cornhuskers? Once their new stadium is built we could have the Crisco Cowboys of Arlington! Sounds more like a team from San Francisco though. In any case, No matter what the city of Anaheim thought they were buying, they should not have been under the assumption that they were buying the right to name a team. If Tony Tavares (former Angel President under the Disney regime) convinced the rubes at Anaheim City Hall that they were buying the right to name the Angels, then I suspect he threw in the deed to the Golden Gate Bridge as well. Psst, Curt Pringle, I have some ocean-front property here in Arizona I will give you the naming rights to -- and for a lot less than $20 million! The bottom line is the city of Anaheim owns the stadium, it was one of the worst in baseball and they only had to pay 17% of the cost to turn it into one of the best. On top of that the Angels agreed to play there for 20 more years. Yet all they do is whine and complain like Paris Hilton at a T-Mobile kiosk. They could end this nonsense and build harmony with a team that is bringing them tremendous prestige by graciously allowing the Angels to rid themselves of the "of Anaheim" moniker and to be known simply as the Los Angeles Angels. The naming of teams should be a simple process and likely one handled by the league. The team could be given the choice of a state or city geographic association. If they choose a city than they should naturally be associated with the market they serve. In the Angels case, they clearly are representative of the Los Angeles media market (i.e. television broadcasts are on LA based KCAL, radio broadcasts are on LA based ESPN 710, etc). They could be the California Angels again but as I have written previously, that was a mistake by Gene Autry given California has five MLB baseball teams - more than twice as many as any other state. Taking the name "California" for a single team is a bit presumptuous.

The city of Anaheim could be staring a much worse fate than having a first-place team locked into a 20-year lease in their ballpark. If the renovations had not happened and Angel Stadium still looked more like a Mexican Jai Lai Stadium than one of the top ballparks in America, I would surmise the city of Anaheim would be staring down a $150 million "renovate or were going to Vegas" ultimatum. Arte Moreno just won a similar battle with the City of Tempe for a $20 million renovation of their spring training facility.


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