Friday, March 11, 2005

Favre to Return to Lead Pack in 2005

Getting a bit off the Halo track a bit....

The Green Bay Packers look to have their leader, quarterback Brett Favre, back for the 2005 season. The Packers website is reporting that Favre informed Head Coach Mike Sherman of his decision to return for one more season, at least, in a two-hour telephone conversation this past Wednesday night. There had been questions about Favre returning due primarily to the fact his wife, Deanna, had been diagnosed with breast cancer. But Deanna Favre is apparently responding well to treatment and according to Sherman "It came down to his wife and she's doing well in her recovery...She wants him to play. He said he's looking forward to playing -- hopefully without any off-the-field situations and 'enjoying the journey."

For Packer fans it has become an annual right-of-passage to worry about the return of, perhaps, the greatest Packer of them all. This is because the media invariably asks him if he will return next year about fifteen minutes after he has suffered a playoff loss and is likely feeling the pain of 16 weeks worth of beatings to his beleaguered body. Naturally, the world looks a lot different to Favre in March than it does in January. Of course, this off-season was especially worrisome given the incredible string of tragedies that have befallen Favre over the past 18 months. Favre's father, Irv died from a heart attack during the 2003 season while his 24-year-old brother-in-law died in an ATV accident on Favre's property last October, just a week before Deanna Favre's breast cancer diagnosis.

As Colin Cowherd said in his ESPN Radio morning show today, there is no superstar in sports today like Favre. "Country guys love him, city guys get him" said Cowherd. In comparing him to one of the NFL's other more popular quarterbacks, Tom Brady, Cowherd attested to Favre's greatness by saying that Brady has become popular because he plays on the most dominant team in the league located in a major city in the northeast. Favre plays in Green Bay for a team that has been good but not great the past five years. But still Favre is the most well-known and popular athlete in football and perhaps sports. There is no one like Favre in baseball or basketball. Only Michael Jordan was as well known and admired as Brett Favre. Today only Tiger Woods rivals him for national attention in all of sports.

It is a good day for all sports fans to know that Brett Favre will be back because one of the good guys is still out there to watch and admire. For Packer fans like me, it is a great day.


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