Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Halo Quick Hits

From the LA Times:

Bartolo Colon
was pulled from the Angels 4-2 loss to the Rockies on Wednesday due to "minor" back spasms. The culprit: a 2 1/2 hour bus ride from Tempe to Tucson. Memo to Angels-- spend the $499 RT fare to fly your ace in for a game or hold his chubby butt over to pitch in Tempe a couple days later.

Now the Angels know how Cuba feels. Kendry Morales remains stuck in the Dominican Republic, unable to obtain a work visa to come to the US until his Dominican citizenship is approved.
Rafael Perez, senior manager of the MLB office in Santo Domingo, said it takes five to six months to gain citizenship, but neither Perez nor General Manager Bill Stoneman could pinpoint when that process began. David Valdes, Morales' agent who is overseeing the process, has not returned several phone messages. Morales signed Dec. 1.
Uh, if he signed December 1st that might be a pretty good date to "pinpoint". That being the case we should see Morales in Anaheim somewhere around Memorial Day.

The Times further reports that Perez is trying to get Morales' paperwork moved "from the bottom of the pile to the top of the pile". Geez, what does it take to get things done in the Dominican? Send them a case of Angel swag (probably lots of that old 'winged Halo' gear from the Disney days laying around) and a couple donkeys and get this kid moving!

An MRI on Garrett Anderson's knee showed no structural damage but the Angels will keep him out of the lineup for a few more days due to tendonitis.


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