Friday, March 04, 2005

Reflections on First Game of Spring....part 2

Angels mousepad
Angels mousepad,
originally uploaded by richnick1.
In addition to my purchased swag I also received the lovely mousepad pictured here. While I always appreciate getting free crap at ball games I always wonder why LA based companies like, say, 1020 KTNQ radio, would sponsor a give-away in a different state where no one can hear their product? This is common practice during Spring Training and I assume these were left over from an Anaheim give away last season. But seeing as this is a Univision station and I don't speak any Spanish I don't suppose I am their target demographic anyway.

I was hoping John Lackey might demonstrate some control which he usually masters around mid-August. Naturally he walked the first batter on his way to staking the Giants to a 3-0 advantage in the top of the first.

Later in the game the Angels battle back thanks to some solid doubles from Garrett Anderson, Vlad Guerrero and Steve Finley. This lineup has some serious potential to score runs.

Some other key observations:

* Steve Finley does not look like he is about to turn 40.
* Guerrero's thumb appears fully recovered.
* Jeff Devanon's hair is out of control. My wife asked who the chick in the dugout was.
* The Angels have assembled quite a group of 'lil guys to replace Eckstein including Maicer Izturis, Lou Merloni and Orlando Cabrera. The Angels musical director better get Elton John's "Tiny Dancer" cued up.
* Jake Woods looked dominating against the heart of the Giants starting line-up. Of course Woods is pitching on a long-shot opportunity to make the club as the final member of the bullpen or to get called up later in the season if one of the starters goes down.
* Lackey pitched like a guy who knows he has a spot in the rotation and probably was thinking about get his tires rotated rather than pitching.

We had to leave the park early to pick-up the kids from school so, fortunately, we missed the Giants comeback late in the game. Overall this team was impressive and this first game was a nice introduction to a team that should provide a lot of entertaining moments this year.


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