Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Tough Off-Season for Finley

Good read in today's Arizona Republic on Steve Finley. In addition, one of the local radio honks here in Phoenix (having read the Republic article) was bemoaning the loss of his "favorite player" first to the hated Dodgers and now to the Angels. That is a fairly consistent assessment of fan sentiment in the Valley of the Sun on Steve Finley. I suspect by the end of the season Angel fans will have an equally warm feeling for affable outfielder.

Despite signing a sweet two-year deal with the Halos, new centerfielder Steve Finley endured a lot of personal grief and turmoil over the past few months. Finley's wife, Amy, was eight months pregnant when she was hit in the face by a line-drive at a Little League game that caused enough damage doctors felt compelled to induce her pregnancy. Thankfully both mother and baby did fine but Finley described the ordeal as "scary". Having gone through four relatively uneventful pregnancies that freaked me out and I can only imagine what this was like. This was followed by his father having a heart attack and the passing of his father-in-law.


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