Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Why People Hate Lawyers Part Deux

Today's LA Times reports that the City of Anaheim, as threatened, filed an appeal to Superior Court Judge Peter Polos' decision to not grant an injunction against the Angels to stop the team from using their new name. While most appeals of this nature on rejected by the state Court of Appeal but the think-tank down at Anaheim City Hall decided that maybe, just maybe, Judge Polos will see it there way this time. Don't hold your breath.

In a stunningly low-brow statement, the newly appointed co-lead Council for the city said "The contract that was to bring fame to Anaheim will instead bring shame," Andrew J. Guilford, who represents Anaheim in the dispute, wrote in the court filing. "Anaheim will be dumped from the name as abruptly as David Eckstein was shipped to St. Louis."

Point of clarification Counselor: Eckstein was not "shipped off" -- he was dumped like your client's name and for similar reasons. They lacked range and the panache of a big city name (LA & Orlando).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Population of Orlando: 185,951

Population of Anaheim: 328,014

Which is the small town?

1:59 AM  
Blogger Rich said...

I have no idea why Orlando is introduced into this -- it is just another Mickey Mouse town. Sorry, that was just too easy....

A few reasons that Orlando makes no sense as a comparison:
1. No baseball in Orlando.
2. If you insist on using Orlando as a comparison, it is much more of a geographic island -- 77.3 miles from a major city (Tampa) while Anaheim is just 20.5 miles from LA.
3. Orlando has a separate and distinct media market from Tampa -- Anaheim is within the LA media market.

The real point is, population of Los Angeles: 3,694,820

So Anaheim is the "small" town in terms of the Angels changing their geographic association to LA from Anaheim.

People in Anaheim need to quit being so sensitive. No one is saying that it is an insignificant entity, only that it does not represent the market that the Angels "fandom" encompasses. For that matter, neither does LA, it is just the largest known name for the four county area that the Angels draw from (Orange, LA, San Bernadino, Riverside).

10:18 AM  

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