Sunday, April 10, 2005

ESPN: Angels Top Baseball Organization

According to ESPN's Ultimate Standings, the Angels were ranked as the top organization in baseball and fifth best sports organization overall. The standings are based on eight categories including fan relations, game experience and "bang for your buck". The baseball team top ten were:

1. Angels
2. Cardinals
3. Braves
4. Yankees
5. Marlins
6. Astros
7. Twins
8. Rangers
9. Diamondbacks
10. Giants

That 'other' LA team ranked 17th.

The overall sports top ten were ranked thusly:

1. Detroit Pistons - A free brawl with every ticket!
2. San Antonio Spurs - What else is there in San Antone?
3. Indianapolis Colts - Ditto the Colts when high school basketball season ends.
4. New England Patriots - Just win baby.
5. LA Angels - Strongest category - (tie) Affordability & Championships (won or expected soon) -- Weakest Category - Ownership (honesty & loyalty to fans/players).
6. Philadelphia Eagles - Scored high in the 'Cheesestake Accesibility' category.
7. Atlanta Falcons - Really? The Falcons?
8. Green Bay Packers - top category - Stadium Experience. Big difference in experiencing metal benches in January or October.
9. Pittsburgh Steelers - Strongest in ownership & coaching
10. Indiana Pacers - Maybe there is something besides the Colts & high school basketball...


Blogger Uncle Al said...

Noticed the Oakland Raiders rank 81st in stadium experience. What they didn't say is, it's even lower than that if you are rooting for the visiting team - - -

8:09 AM  
Blogger Rich said...

I think that goes from "stadium experience" to "near-death experience" in Oak-town.

1:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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