Friday, April 22, 2005

K-Rod Blows Save & Gets Loss

John Lackey threw five innings tonight, giving up 2 runs and lowering his bloated ERA slightly to 6.64. Kevin Gregg and Scot Shields combined for two scoreless innings (though Shields did walk three in his 1 inning). But Frankie Rodriguez could not hold a one-run lead in the 9th inning, giving up three singles and two runs. A's closer Octavio Dotel made it stand up by sitting the Angels in order in the bottom of the inning.


Is it just me or did Garrett Anderson look like a slacker tonight? He grounded out 3-1 and should have made the play close. I kept waiting for GA to break into the screen but all I saw was the first baseman carefully underhand tossing the ball to the pitcher. I thought it had to be Bengie Molina scampering down the line but no, it was Anderson 'lollygaggling' it. Then in the 9th a flare to left off of K-Rod fell about two feet in front of a charging Anderson. This is at least the second such single that has fallen in front of a suspiciously non-diving Garrett. The first time I let it go but this time that would have been a huge out. Yes he could have missed it and it might have rolled to the fence but let's live dangerously. C'mon Garrett, it was a flare, not a sharp liner. You could have smothered the thing but with a slight leap you likely could have caught it.

Scott Hatteberg is officially an Angel-killer. Everytime that guy faces the Halos he inflicts damage. With a runner at third, two outs and a one-run lead Frankie was either afraid to throw or prohibited from throwing his best pitch (the slider) for fear of it breaking in the dirt. So after getting two strikes with fastballs K-Rod went to the well once too often as Hatteberg lined the third fastball to left and Anderson's throw home was off-line.

Once again the Angels fail to gain any traction and their modest two-game win streak is snapped. But the good news is they will do it again tomorrow in Anaheim. Oakland sends the odd looking
Danny Haren (1-1, 2.37 ERA) against Paul Byrd (1-2, 4.71 ERA). Who, come to think of it is no Brad Pitt. Despite the inflated ERA Byrd did hold Seattle scoreless for 8 innings in his last start on April 18th but, hey, it was the Mariners.


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