Tuesday, April 26, 2005

A-Rod: Angel Killer

April 26, 2004: NY Yankees 12 LA Angels 4

If Alex Rodriguez hit like this every night no one would say 'boo' about his mammoth paycheck. Of course, if he hit like this he would shatter the record for walks in a season. The Yankee third baseman went 4-5 on Tuesday, crushing three home runs and driving in 10 runs. Amazingly it was Rodriguez's third 3-home run game of his illustrious career and his ten RBI were only good enough to tie for second in the storied Yankee record book (Tony Lazzeri had 11 for the Bronx Bombers in 1936 that is a Yankee and AL record).

Quote of the night from Jason Giambi:
"You can do that in Nintendo, stuff like that, it was pretty incredible to watch. That was a lot of fun."
Not much fun for Angel fans though. Colon was tagged by A-Rod for a 3-run shot in the first, a 2-run long fly in the second and the cout-de-gras, a Grand Slam in the third. Interestingly though, if Rodriguez gets out then strike 9 runs from the board and you end up with a 3-4 game theoretically.

The only Angel pitcher to retire Alex Rodriguez on this night was the rookie, Jake Woods. But not easily. Rodriguez lined out hard to center to end his evening.

After a game like this you can only tip your halo to one of, if not the, best hitter of our time and try to stick it to him tomorrow. Had I been Mike Scioscia I think after the second HR I would have strongly considered pulling Colon. Had a base been open he could have given him the intentional pass but when a guy crushes your pitcher twice in two at-bats you have to wonder about the wisdom of giving him a third. With the bases loaded.


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