Thursday, April 21, 2005

Timing is Everything

So just hours after I write how Bartolo Colon and Chone Figgins were on the proverbial (or at least my proverbial) bubble in terms of effectiveness, lo and behold they prove me to be impatient and wrong. Colon was already showing signs of settling in (I hedged myself by noting that he was doing well as a standard pitcher but not as a true 'ace') but last night with 8 shutout innings of 4-hit ball Colon is now firmly ensconced as the Angels' stopper. How long Big Bart stays there is yet to be seen but based on his strong second half last season the pieces seem to be in place for at least as long a reign as Pope Benedict XVI (is it just me or does that sort of sound like a new eastern European car?).

Then as a topper, in a pitchers duel game it was the diminutive Chone Figgins who delivered the biggest blow. A majestic home run that rainbowed lazily over the left field wall. In replays Figgins' huge body-twisting swing was reminiscent of David Eckstein throwing himself out of his shoes on a routine 6-3 put-out. But I digress, a post on ex-Angels is forthcoming but not now. Figgins was hitting in the 8th inning as the Angels clung to a tenuous 1-0 lead when he parked his second homerun of the season to give closer Frankie Rodriguez an insurance run. Not that he would need it as K-Rod put the finishing touch on the shut-out with a perfect ninth. Figgins now has an eight-game hitting streak that includes two HR's, 5 RBI and 2 2B. Over the streak Figgins has raised his batting average from .172 to .295. Likely Figgins will remain near the bottom of the Halo batting order however due to his poor walk to strike out ratio (3 BB vs. 13 K).

I will now officially update my "What's Working" & "What's Wrong" lists:

What's Wrong: Add Washburn who is down 0-5 in the 2nd inning. This guy is worthless. The more I think about it why don't we designate this guy for assignment and take what's left of his $6.5 million salary and give it to Jared Weaver. Meantime we can let Jake Woods and Chris Bootcheck combine as the #5 starter. Also might as well put McPherson down because it looks like it will take some time for him to get comfortable. He just struck out on three pitches with runners at second & third. C'mon rook, at least give me a sac fly.

What's Working: Add Colon & Figgins


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