Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Will Ferrell Enters 'Land of the Lost'

Now this was just the ticket to improve my mood after A-Rod beat us senseless in New York. Comedic genius Will Ferrell will star in a movie "reimagining" of the kitchy 70's Saturday morning TV show 'Land of the Lost'. The original series ran from 1974 - 1976 and followed the exploits of Ranger Rick Marshall and his two children Will and Holly. As explained in one of the best theme songs ever written: Marshall, Will, and Holly -- while on a routine rafting expedition, were caught in an earthquake that opened some sort of time portal right in the middle of a waterfall they were careening to their deaths over. But instead of ending-up broken to pieces on jagged rocks they found themselves transported all the way from the 1970's to a prehistoric world (really not that far in hindsight) inhabited by claymation dinosaurs, green shiny-eyed lizard/alien people called sleestaks (who for the record, had the heavy breathing thing down waaaayyy before Darth Vader) and some hairy cave people, most notably Cha-Ka.

It is not immediately clear how Ferrell's version will work with some sources claiming it will follow the Marshall clan and other's noting that Ferrell's version will have nothing to do with the TV show or it's original characters.

This is not the first time Ferrell has brushed with the Land of the Lost mythology. In Kevin Smith's very funny Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Ferrell plays a Federal Wildlife Marshall tracking the title characters and an ape they have stolen from an animal testing lab. The name of this friend of animal-kind: Marshall Willenholly. Just like the theme song! Marshall, Will and Holly. Then the ape shoots Willenholly in the ass with a tranquilizer gun. Not unlike when Will Ferrell's 'Frank the Tank' character from Old School shoots himself in the neck with a tranquilizer gun. Wow, there is some strange force at work in guiding Will Ferrell's career. That or he has a serious addiction to animal tranquilizer -- but lets not start that rumor here.

I will look forward to this movie with great anticipation. Next up though will be Kicking and Screaming (opens May 13) with Ferrell playing a mild-mannered Dad turned crazed soccer coach. Hopefully this will be the first of some really great sports-themed comedies this year as a remake of The Bad News Bears (opens July 22) with Billy Bob Thornton perfectly cast as Buttermaker has my hopes very high. Obviously you can tell two things from my film choices thus far: (1) I have the sensibilities of an 8 year-old; (2) I like Will Ferrell movies....a lot.


Anonymous halofan said...

saw the previews for Ferrell's BEWITCHED and it looks awesome, in that it twists the whole premise by acknowledging it as a television show. Hope they pull it off.

2:35 AM  
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