Tuesday, June 28, 2005

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Update: I have gotten some e-mails from people who have tried to access Google Earth but when they reach the download page they get this message:

Google Earth downloads temporarily delayed

Thanks for your interest in Google Earth, but we're sorry we can't offer you a download right now. As you know, Google Earth is in beta, and we're still building out our ability to take on new users. We're making good progress, and expect to be able to accept new downloads shortly, so we recommend you check back daily at earth.google.com. We hope to be able to welcome you and other new planet surfers soon.

We appreciate your patience,

The Google Earth Team

That sucks. But this is from the people who brought you G-Mail -- the wonderful free e-mail account that you can't get unless you are 'referred' by someone else. Do not fret, everyone will be assimilated by Google in good time...

For anyone with a mild interest in geography the pay site once known as "Keyhole" has been assimilated by corporate giant Google and transmogrified into the now free "Google Earth". You have to download some software on to your PC (sorry Mac guy, they don't have this for you yet) and then you can do "flyovers" from one location to another using high resolution digital satellite pictures. Of course, if you want really high definition you have to pay for Google Earth Pro but the free version is good enough for most people. I flew from my house in Arizona over to Angels Stadium (just plug in 2000 Gene Autry Way, Anaheim, CA) and then hit "Search" and you will fly right to it. Fairly awesome technology while quite frightening at the same time. Now the trendy stalker can invest $400 for Google Earth Pro and watch his ex-girlfriend for hours on end from the conform of his Mom's basement.

It is apparent that the government (or whoever has access to the satellites) can watch what we are doing quite easily from space.

Viva Big Brother.


Anonymous Erin said...

Did you just DL the stuff today? I just went there and they say since it's still in Beta it's not released to the general public yet. ??

4:19 PM  
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