Thursday, June 02, 2005

Finger Lickin' Pitchin' and other Chicago notes

For the second game in a row, reliever Brendan Donnelly was cited by umpires for "going to his mouth" while standing on the pitching mound. In each case the batter was awarded a "ball". Donnelly looked baffled on each occasion and Manager Mike Scioscia defended him to the umpire on Tuesday as umpires cited him twice. But on Wednesday, as Donnelly stared plaintively at his manager after getting caught tasting his digits, Scioscia mimed to Donnelly that he was licking his fingers and gave him a look that seemed to say "keep your fingers out of your mouth you friggin' moron." The orally fixated Donnelly went on to give-up a run for the second game in a row but this time the Angels were sporting a three run lead leaving Donnelly off-the-hook. For his "finger lickin' good" pitching Donnelly shall heretofore be known as 'The Colonel'.

The Colonel thought that the infractions were a result of complaints from Chicago Manager Ozzie Guillen with the strategy being to get inside the Colonel's head. If so, bravo Guillen because it seemed to work quite nicely. Darin Erstad and pitching coach Bud Black both had to visit with the Colonel to get him calmed down enough to pitch. Black even hurled a dirt clod from the pitchers mound towards Chicago's dugout in a silent protest to what the Colonel described as a "tired" tactic.
Troy who? Dallas McPherson has started to fill-out those huge shoes left behind by Troy Glaus. McPherson belted a home-run and a double while collecting three RBI yesterday as he extended his hitting streak to eight games. When asked if he was in an offensive groove, the ever-humble D-Mac responded "I don't know if I'm even at the point of seeing the ball well. We'll see how it goes." Over the last week and a half it goes well Big D, very well.

Are there any worse announcers on the planet than the White Sox duo of Ken "Hawk" Harrelson and Darrin Jackson? As an Arizona resident I subscribe to the Major League Baseball package on DirecTV and am forced to watch the Fox Sports feed for the home team. So this week it was the Chi Sox which means every time an Angel strikes out I am subjected to the horrible "HE GONE" from Harrelson. For those of you who have not heard these characters in action and consider Rex Hudler to be a homer, you need to be educated. These guys cheer openly and seemingly with emotion for the Sox players. Apparently they do not want to meet the same fate at their counterpart for the Cubs who got axed for criticizing the players too much. I know that team ownership picks the announcers and there is a definite home bias but c'mon. After a loud cheer for a Sox home run the announcer was barely audible when McPherson blasted one to center. I wonder what they sound like when the Sox are 20 games back as they likely will be in September?


Anonymous Vecino said...

About Sox announcers Harrelson and Jackson -- I noticed their homer attitude just from the few highlight clips put up by Absolutely every time, and I mean EVERY time someone in an Angels uni got a key hit, it was a bad pitch. And in the previous series there was that play at the plate by B. Molina and John Lacky when together they managed to get control of the ball after a wild pitch and Lackey put the tag on Iguchi. Harrelson and Jackson are all, "The tag was high on the leg and he manages to sneak in there. He's safe. You're right." Then on reviewing the slo-mo replay they're obviously trying real hard to see what they want to see, and when they don't, "Oh, that's a tough one." It's linked here:

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