Thursday, June 30, 2005

Texas Venting Against Angels Young Arms

The Texas Rangers are venting their frustrations (losing, Rogers-Rage, etc) on rookie Ervin Santana this afternoon as they barraged the youngster for 7 runs in just 4 innings. The hitting barrage continued against Joel Peralta who yielded his first earned run since June 5th. He yielded 5 in fact in his one inning of work before Jake Woods took over to allow two more earned runs the following inning. In the bottom of the seventh the score is Texas 16 Angels 3 and Woods is back on the mound to absorb more punishment and give a break to the rest of the Halo bullpen. Woods just surrendered a two-run jack to Hank Blalock and now the third homerun of the day to Kevin Mench! I have to keep retyping this as Texas scores faster than I can get this stupid post entered.

The Angel pitchers have served up gopher balls in a big way as Mark Teixeira joins Mench in having a multi-homer day with two jacks while Soriano and Dellucci and the aforementioned Blalock earlier hit long-balls of their own.

After the Angels lose this game (they now trail 18-3) their lead on Texas will be 6 1/2 games, the same as it was going into the four game series.

The Angels will enjoy a 'soft' portion of their schedule going into the All-Star Break as they face the lowly Royals in KC before returning home against Minnesota and Seattle. After the Break the Halos head to the Twin Cities for a quick 4-game roadie against the Twinks before returning home to face Oakland and the Yankees. They finish the month on the road in Toronto and the Bronx. Should be a very interesting month.

Score Update: Angels get a run on a single by Vlad Guerrero that plates Chone Figgins but the big rally they need is foiled by Josh Paul who hits into a double play. Not quite sure why Paul is now catching and Jose Molina is at first but when it is 18-4 I don't care all that much.


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