Sunday, July 03, 2005

Colon Dominates for 7, Angels win 5-3

For the second night in a row the Angels were cruising towards a 5-0 shut-out of the Royals with Bartolo Colon throwing a one-hitter. But Colon is not the complete-game animal he once was (9 CG for the White Sox in 2003 vs. 0 in '04 and 2 so far in '05) but Angel Skipper Mike Scioscia no doubt hoped his starter could give the Angel pen a respite and stuck with Colon. But a complete game was not in the cards as KC pecked away at Colon in the eighth inning with a double and three singles, scoring three and forcing Scioscia to bring in K-Rod for the final 1.2 innings to preserve a 5-3 win for the Angels ace. Thanks to two losses and a five-run win in the previous three games, Rodriguez had not pitched in four days and was the one guy in the pen who actually could have used some work anyway.

The Angels continue to take care of business against the teams that they must beat, i.e. the Kansas Royals of the world. They must continue this effort against two other struggling teams, the Minnesota Twins and Seattle Mariners who the Halos face at home to close-out the first-half of the 2005 campaign. When the Angels return from the All-Star Break they will hit the road and face the Twins again followed by two important series against the hot A's and the New York Yankees. The Oakland series will go a long way in telling just how good the A's (and the Angels for that matter) really are. The Yankees, though struggling as they are, could still be a post-season foe and if the Angels can put a whipping on them now it might serve them well come October.


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