Friday, July 01, 2005

Halos Take Care of KC 5-0

The Angels ended their two-game losing streak thanks to Paul Byrd who threw a two-hitter at his former employers, the hapless Royals. Byrd, who has had an up-and-down season thus far with the Angels, returned to his glory days (17 game winner for KC in 2002) and was treated to the "bird wave" by his former fans which he returned as he walked off the mound. If you are not familiar with this hip gesture, it resembles the effeminate 'halo wave' from the feature film "Angels in the Outfield". There is just no cool way to pull this move off and Byrd and the Royal fans looked like a bunch of dorks. But with Arte lowering beer prices at Angels Stadium there is still a modicum of a chance that some Halo fans will pick-up on this. We can only hope they are seated far, far away in the upper reaches of the View Section. Somewhere in Anaheim the original 'Watermelon Heads' may be having an emergency meeting to reconvene as the "Byrd Boys".

Back on the field Bengie Molina had three hits and an RBI while Adam Kennedy had a pair of hits. Vlad Guerrero continued his hot streak with a hit and two RBI's while Mr. Double Garrett Anderson hit his 18th two-bagger of the season.


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