Friday, July 01, 2005

Let's Not Get Carried Away with the A's

Yes, Oakland has been on a nice run. From the way sports radio was raving about the A's recent hot streak you would figure they must be just a couple of games out and ready to run away with the West. Reality Check: Oakland is 9.5 games back in a division that is not the NL West. The translation is that it will take more than a month of fattening up on lightweights like Seattle and San Francisco to catch the Angels.

I'm not saying Oakland is not a team that could get back in the mix, but I will reserve judgement until July 14 - 24 when they play eight against the Rangers and three against the Angels. By then we will know if this Athletics team has the staying power to contend for the AL West. I question whether they have the depth to withstand a little adversity when it comes a knocking as it always does.


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