Sunday, July 10, 2005

McPherson Back on DL

Dallas McPherson, the young third base phenom whose huge upside promise prompted the Angels to forego re-signing Troy Glaus, is back on the 15 day disable list, this time for inflammation in his left hip. Just what in the name of Geritol is going on here? A hip injury? Just how old is this McPherson 'kid' anyway? Is it another 'Ramon Ortiz' episode where his true age was disguised to enhance his value? In a truly scary statement McPherson said Angel doctors "guaranteed" him that he "would be fine" and this would not be a recurring injury. Watch out for those 'guarantees' kid, it is the surest sign of trouble.

After Glaus was lost for much of the 2004 season with a shoulder injury the Angels thought they were making the prudent move is bringing in McPherson due in part to his durability and cheap price. There was also the fact that Glaus was a preening primadonna but mostly it was the gargantuan home runs that D-Mac launched in minor league parks around the country that excited the Halo brass. Oh, did I mention he plays for about $10 million a year less than Glaus?

Whatever; the Angels now have Chone Figgins at the hot corner which, given his hot bat and improved defense (Figgy made a sparkling dive-catch-throw 'em out play at third last night) is not all bad. But that means Figgins is not available to fill-in other holes in the Halo line-up like centerfield and shortstop or to give regulars like Adam Kennedy and Vlad Guerrero a rest. The All-Star Break is coming at an opportune time for the Angels as they have four key pieces of their team all cooling their collective heels in the clubhouse rehabing various injuries (Steve Finley, Orlando Cabrera, Kelvim Escobar and now McPherson). The 'B' team had been doing well until Thursday when McPherson said the pain from his injury "became steadily worse" and the Mariners rolled into town and took three in a row in convincing fashion from the suddenly bumbling, fumbling and unable-to-hit-in-key-situations Angels.


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