Thursday, September 22, 2005

Angels May Juggle Rotation for Final A's Series

ESPN is reporting that the Angels are considering pushing Bartolo Colon from Sunday's scheduled start against Tampa Bay so that the Cy Young candidate can instead pitch the opening game of a crucial four-game set in Oakland. In all likelihood, the four games against the Athletics will likely settle the AL West race for this season.

The same ESPN article stated that Jarrod Washburn will return to pitch on Saturday against the Rays. That would set him up to pitch the final game in the Oakland series as well which may very well be the last regular season game that Wash throws for the Halos. A 7-8 season (so far) and a forearm plagued by tendinitis is not what he had hoped for in a contract year. If the Angels are desperate they may sign him to another one year deal in the same range as this year's $6.5 million deal. Hopefully the club can find a better use for that cash and simply keep Santana in the rotation next year. One use might be to find some better bullpen arms or a legitimate candidate to fill the DH role.


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