Saturday, September 10, 2005

Random Thoughts

When linking up the movie Major League to my post earlier today I found out on IMDB that Pedro Cerrano was played by none other than Dennis Haysbert from the FOX show 24 (he played President Palmer). I'm not sure why I find that funny but I do.

As I continue to brood about the Angels bullpen and the 'opportunity cost' of not keeping Derrick Turnbow and Bobby Jenks, I wonder how many other Angel prospects are toiling in the minors but would be major leaguers if given the chance in Anaheim or elsewhere. After reading this post over at Chronicles of the Lads I have to summize the answer is 'many'. Can't wait to read about the minor league pitchers next week.

Richard at Pearly Gates continues to make me laugh. Unfortunately I missed the controversial Larry Young call on Thursday as I had a Cub Scout meeting with my son. That along with the fact that Angel highlights sucked on ESPN and Fox (see Josh's post here) so I had to catch-up with this one at PG.


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