Thursday, October 13, 2005

Champions Are Made of This

The Angels got hosed in game 2. Terrible call that the Chicago White Sox (and you have to give them all the credit in the world for this) took advantage of. Tip of the halo to the South Siders. As much as the Angels and their fans may want to lay the blame for the game 2 loss on the umpire, you have to keep in mind a couple of things. (1) WWMHD -- What Would Molina Have Done? Had Mike Scioscia had either Molina brother behind the plate instead of Paul during game 2 they would have, in all likelihood, slapped Pierzynski with their glove just for good measure at the end of the inning. Paul made a rookie mistake that I guarantee you he will never make again (at least for the Angels though I doubt, barring injury, we will see much of Mr. Paul the rest of this post-season). So blame Paul or blame Scioscia for not having another catcher in there. (2) This was a 1-1 game in the 9th, the Angels should have been able to generate another run earlier in the game. The only thing that is keeping Angel fans from cringing at the Halo offense is that Chicago looks worse. At least Scioscia seems to be making all the right calls in terms of stolen bases, pitch-outs, etc. Guillen is just getting shown-up to this point.

But this is where the Champs are separated from the chumps. Losers cry about how unfair the game is, winners quietly and decisively go about their business. In my estimation a Mike Scioscia led team has already put game 2 behind them (at least as much as the media will allow them to) and have their energies focused on game 3 in Anaheim Friday night. The stage is set for the Angels to have a "statement" game. They are facing a pitcher they dominated in the regular season (2-0 vs. Jon Garland while hitting a robust .358 against him with 2 HR and 10 ER in 13 innings pitched) and should have a little more grit to their game after getting held to just one run by Mark Buehrle. The crowd will be loud at Angel Stadium, thunder sticks ablazing and beach balls flying. A 2-0 lead coming home would have been great, but the Angels have now taken over home field advantage and could close things out at home with a three-game sweep. I would settle for 2 out of three with a Garland/Lackey re-match in the works for a potential game 7 in Chicago. The last time Lackey pitched a game 7 the Angels became World Champions.


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