Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Evil Empire Strikes at Boston's Dark Heart

For pure drama, you have to love the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry. Personally I despise both of these teams and take pleasure in the pain they inflict on one another. The latest chapter came as beloved Red Sox hero Johnny Damon accepted a $52 million four-year deal from human ATM George Steinbrenner. This came after the Sox reportedly offered Damon $40 million over 4 years and publicly stated that was all they could afford. That was a red-carpet invitation for the Yankees to show-up at the last minute and overwhelm Damon with a substantially bigger offer.

While the Angels have had an incredibly mediocre off-season, it pales next to the Red Sox who have lost their most popular player while failing to improve their team with any significant free-agent signings. In addition their best hitter, Manny Ramirez, is demanding a trade. Now the stage is set for Theo Epstein to stage a dramatic return to try and salvage the Red Sox from completely imploding.


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