Thursday, December 01, 2005

Letter to Santa

With Paul Konerko re-upping with the White Sox this week despite a nice offer from the Halos, I have decided to go directly to the Big Guy with my Angel wishes for this offseason.....

Dear Santa,

A lot of my friends have been telling me lately that you do not exist and that I should grow-up already. But after seeing the last four World Series championships going to the Angels, Marlins, Red Sox and White Sox it seems clear to me that you have indeed been answering some pretty audacious requests from desperate baseball fans around the country. So before your inbox overflows with letters from Cub fan, I thought I better get my humble requests in for the Angels 2006 team.

1. A healthy hip for Dallas McPherson that will let us, finally, be able to forget Troy Glaus.
2. Barring that, can we have Glaus back?
3. An epiphany to Anaheim Mayor Curt Pringle that he would be far better off politically to join forces with the Angels rather than goad them into making veiled threats to move the club because "Anaheim" is placed last rather than first in their name.
4. A free-agent power-hitter to give Vlad some protection in the Angels line-up.
5. Please send Jarrod Washburn far, far away.
6. A new Angel contract for Paul Byrd that will keep him in Anaheim until 2007.
7. If not Byrd, how about Jeff Weaver so he can smooth the transition for baby brother Jared?
8. A smooth trip to Spring Training with no month-long lay-overs on Caribbean islands for Kendry Morales. I really want to see this kid play!
9. Either arbitration from the Angels for a nice one-year deal or a big fat free-agent contract for Bengie Molina to play elsewhere. The Angels are too deep at catcher to give him a long deal but Bengie deserves it from someone.
10. For the Angels to give Tim Salmon a one-year deal so we can see the Big Fish go out healthy and helping the club to another championship.
11. Great seats in June when the Angels play the D-Backs in Phoenix.

Your Pal,



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