Saturday, December 17, 2005

Mariners Close in on Washburn

The Seattle Mariners are reportedly close to signing left-handed starter Jarrod Washburn to a deal worth $35 to $40 million over 4 years. The former Angel was not offered arbitration by the Halos and was allowed to walk-away as a free-agent.

And that my friends is why the Seattle Mariners continue to be no threat to compete in the AL West and how the Angels improve themselves without doing a thing. They waste their money on two sluggers last season, one of which had only one good year to his name (Adrian Beltre) and the other was coming off a major shoulder injury (Richie Sexson). Now the ever-busy Mariner brain-trust is going to sign the ultimate 'contract year' player in Washburn. The only really good season of Washburn's career came in '02 when he won 18 games with an ERA of 3.15. He then meandered through his next three seasons going 29 - 31 with ERA's of 4.43, 4.64 and 3.20. His best year of the three? Yup, his latest contract year when it became apparent the Angels were not inclined to re-sign him. His ERA would have been higher had Washburn not had a good bullpen to save him the past few years. But even with a bullpen, his ERA (other than '05) is not good.

So now Wash will take the big payday and build himself a nice hunting lodge up in Wisconsin, show-up reluctantly to spring training and ignore Seattle's fans. Then we gets lit-up at Safeco Field the fans can watch him nonchalantly waltz off the field, not a care in the world. I have not seen a player so immune to losing since Jim Edmonds left. I could forgive Rugburn for not showing emotion and even grinning stupidly when opposing batters launched his weak junk back over the fence. I could forgive him for being inconsiderate of fans. But the whole smirking package has just become too much to take recently. Washedupburn is the anti-Erstad and a surly ice-cube for a hot team. The Angels were right to let him and equally self-centered agent, Scott Boras, walk. Now the Angels should take away Boras' Dugout Suite because those seats are way too sweet for Satan.


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