Friday, January 27, 2006

Climbing The Blog Ladder

The Halo Herald has been a lot of fun for me this past year. I have had a chance to interact with other Angel fans and write about a team I really care about. What some of you might not know is that I also have been a contributing writer for the Arizona Diamondbacks blog over at Most Valuable Network. When I started this blog I contacted Evan Brunell over at MVN and inquired about writing there about the Angels. Evan liked my stuff but had a couple of very good writers already covering the Halos. He offered me a chance to write about the D-Backs and as an Arizona resident I thought that would be a natural. The problem is, I spent far more time writing about the Angels on the Halo Herald then I did the D-Backs at MVN because I care a lot more about the Angels than the D-Backs. Well long-story short, the Angel writers at MVN moved on to a new site and Evan asked me to start writing about the Angels for MVN. So the Halo Herald has now moved over under the MVN banner. What will this lucrative deal pay? Well, the same as my last lucrative deal: nothing. Blog writers do this free of charge which supposedly is why we are so credible. I don't necessarily buy into that -- a few choice Spring Training tickets and I would write for a week about how critical the grounds-keepers at Tempe Diablo are to the overall success of the team.

But this remains a hobby for me. Something done strictly for the joy of doing it. That being said, I still want to maximize the number of readers of the Herald and over at MVN the odds of getting seen by more people will skyrocket. A year ago MVN had upwards of 14,000 users per day. While that is for all major sports teams, if only 1% wander over to the Halo Herald it would mean 140 people checking it out every day. At the Herald's peak it draws about 60 people per day while averaging just 34 per day over the course of a month. While I get a warm feeling when I see the hit ticker move steadily towards 20,000 I know that is very small compared to the number of people who will be reading MVN. So in the interest of gaining readers you can find the Herald over at MVN -- and for the time being -- right here as well. I am not sure if I will continue this page to mirror the MVN posts, put some edgier content over here or simply ditch it. But I hope those who have been faithful readers of the Halo Herald will follow me over to MVN as we start down the path of another great season of Angel baseball. I will place a link to the Halo Herald MVN page on the sidebar for your linking convenience.


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