Thursday, January 19, 2006

Well This Sucks

According to Josh at Pearly Gates, the Angels contract with Tim Salmon is nothing more than a sham to allow the long-time Angel a chance to make another team. The PG piece is derived from an interview Salmon gave the Orange County Register and in reviewing the article, things do not look good for the Big Fish to be sending any more balls 'upstream' in Anaheim. Consider this:

"The Angels basically told me there's not a job to win," Salmon said. "The team is moving on without Tim Salmon. I understand it. I don't blame them. I look around and, yeah, I'd like to think I fit into their plans, but from their standpoint, I'm probably not the first guy they're going to plug in."
-- Tim Salmon to OC Register

Considering the Angels just signed Juan Rivera to a two-year deal to be the 4th outfielder/DH and Kendry Morales will be competing for a bench job this spring (having already been awarded a fat contract last year) that pretty much leaves Salmon as a potential backup player buried deep on the Halos' bench. Unless Salmon is just crushing the ball in Spring Training it looks like the Angels and Tim Salmon will part company this March.

Firstly I hope Salmon hits about .450 in spring with a .750 SLG and forces the Angels to put him on their roster, but I would not bet the mortgage on that. My second selfish hope is that he signs with the D-Backs. Arizona signed Eric Byrnes to be their center fielder and have Luis Gonzalez in left and Shawn Green in right. But their depth after that consists of Luis Terrero, Scott Hairston and Chris Young. With highly regarded prospect Young almost a dead-lock to start the year in the minors, Salmon could be the 4th outfielder on that club and get substantial playing time as other players are rested and off the bench. As an added benefit, family-man Salmon could play home games near his off-season home in Arizona.

In any case, heres to hoping Salmon can end his career on his terms and with a bang.


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